Analisis Bibliometriks dan Visual terkait Corporate Entrepreneurship menggunakan VOSviewer

Erna Maulina, Margo Purnomo, Iman Abdurahman



 This study aims to analyze the scope of corporate entrepreneurship research using a bibliometric review. To obtain information about the study of corporate entrepreneurship, the Scopus database is used. Topic areas with titles, keywords, and abstract criteria in the study of corporate entrepreneurship are used as a reference for extracting search results. Extraction of search results is done using VOSviewer. After that, the results of the bibliometric mapping were analyzed further. A total of 938 articles were found in Scopus da tabase accessed on July 25, 2021. There was a significant increase in the number of publications on corporate entrepreneurship from 2019 to 2020. Among all countries, America contributed the most publications. Meanwhile, the keywords corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, corporate venturing and dynamic capabilities turned out to be the most talked about topics. Through VOSViewer we analyze how many articles have been published on corporate entrepreneurship and its relationship to a topic. This review can certainly provide a reference point for further research related to corporate entrepreneurship.




Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis ruang lingkup penelitian corporate entrepreneurship menggunakan tinjauan bibliometrik. Untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang kajian corporate entrepreneurship, digunakan database Scopus. Area topik dengan judul, kata kunci, dan kriteria abstrak dalam kajian corporate entrepreneurship digunakan sebagai acuan penggalian hasil pencarian. Ekstraksi hasil pencarian dilakukan dengan menggunakan VOSviewer. Setelah itu, hasil pemetaan bibliometrik dianalisis lebih lanjut. Sebanyak 938 artikel ditemukan di Scopus da tabase yang diakses pada 25 Juli 2021. Ada peningkatan signifikan jumlah publikasi tentang corporate entrepreneurship dari 2019 ke 2020. Di antara semua negara, Amerika berkontribusi paling banyak publikasi. Sementara itu, kata kunci corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, corporate venturing dan dynamic capabilities ternyata menjadi topik yang paling banyak dibicarakan. Melalui VOSViewer kami menganalisis berapa banyak artikel yang telah diterbitkan tentang corporate entrepreneurship dan hubungannya dengan suatu topik. Ulasan ini tentunya dapat memberikan titik referensi untuk penelitian lebih lanjut terkait corporate entrepreneurship.


Corporate Entrepreneurship , bibliometric, VOSViewer, scopus

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